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Samsung Galaxy S9 can't make/receive calls, possible VoLTE issue


Jun 27, 2022
As I mentioned in my other thread, my wife has an S9. I couldn't get MMS to work no matter what I tried. So finally I changed carriers from PagePlus (Verizon MVNO) to RedPocket (ATT MVNO).

Now MMS works, but voice calls don't:mad: VoLTE is required to make voice calls on ATT, so that setting must be enabled in Settings\Connections\Mobile Networks. The setting doesn't even appear. But I remembered seeing it before. After some testing, I discovered that the VoLTE setting is present and turned on when the PagePlus SIM is installed, but it disappears when the RedPocket SIM is installed.

Once again, the carrier's tech support advice is limited to reboot and reset:rolleyes: As if I haven't already tried that...

When trying to make a call, it starts the dialing process and then immediately says "call ended" as soon as u try to connect. When trying to call this phone, it immediately goes to voicemail.

Any advice?


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