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Show us your homescreen screenshots

A thread for us all to share our homescreen screenshots, let's see what amazing themes, icons and setups you all have :)

This is my lockscreen and homescreen, nothing to write home about yet :)



Yeah, it's a battery mod for the Android Revolution HD ROM, also remapped the bottom keys so that the 3 dot bar doesn't show up anymore.

Here's the link to the thread - http://forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.php?t=1562603

Anyone got any links to some great wallpapers for the One X that show off the awesome screen?
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Did they deliver on landscape homescreens?

Heard all about that in late January but I can't find picture proof anywhere.

Cheers, thanks! :)
Not as far as I know, there's no options I can see to make it go landscape on the homescreen.

As far as I know all Sense phones (apart from those with a physical keyboard) don't allow landscape homescreens.
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