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Help Stream live free to air TV channels on android


Android Enthusiast
Apr 17, 2012
Hello folks,

I am curious if there are any apps that stream live free to air channels on android devices. The channel specific apps ask you to be verified using your TV provider which while I am not too sure how legal it is, pretty useless for the cord cutters. The articles on the web are 2 to 3 years old and many of the apps do not exist. I had no issues streaming UK based TV but so far no luck with the US based TV.

hugetv.org could stream in low quality but I could not find any android app for this.

Many thanks in advance.
If you're in the UK, streaming UK channels usually is no problem. US from overseas can be difficult, and in fact things like Hulu actually go out of their way to detect if you're using a VPN to defeat their IP address geo-restrictions. A couple of people I know use Slingbox to watch TV from the US here in China, and that does work on Android with the Slingbox app.
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