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Apr 10, 2014
For any Z3v owners out there, if there are any other than myself, share any tips or tricks for this phone. I am not familiar with Sony phones and think this is a good medium to discuss them.

My first interest is with screen shots. I know about the active clip feature, and the power button menu to take a screen shot. Is there any other methods to take a screen shot.

Another feature that I like that Sony is incorporating into almost all of their entertainment devices is NFC. The Bravia TV line has NFC built in so you can throw content from your phone onto your TV just by tapping the device to the TV. And for those folks that don't particularly want to get up from their seat to share content and prefer wirelessly, the Throw feature was an absolute cinch to use. It'll detect your Xbox or PS4 automatically when connected to the same network and then play content similar to the way Chromecast works. I have the Z2 tablet and the Z3V and love them both. Definitely geared more toward entertainment/media.
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