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Using multiple controllers with emulators (gensoid)

Iceman 27

May 14, 2011
So about a week ago I posted a topic related to using multiple controllers with an emulator...and now I have my answer. It is able to use more than one controller.

So I tried to use more than 1 controller with the snesoid lite app with no luck. I think the problem I ran into is that despite it showing it can use and map 2 input devices(wii controllers) it can't. I think that the full version should be able to which i'll try out tomorrow.

Now onto it actually working. I tried tiger snes which I thought would do the trick. Unfortunately, it only allows 1 device to be mapped :/ which is too bad because I love the emulators interface.
Then I downloaded the gensoid app hoping for multiple controllers to be mapped like the snesoid. It worked exactly how it should.

I set the wiimote controller app to exactly how I could understand it. Each of the buttons I would use in games were mapped in order they showed up (ie numbers, letters, symbols, commands) for controllers 1 and 2. Then I set controller 1 to mapping set 1 and controller 2 to mapping set 2 as it should have. Went to map the buttons all as I liked on gensoid (this is the part were I was hung up with snesoid LITE, the buttons would infact register for each controller, but when it came to playing, controller 2 didn't work) then proceeded to play. Everythimg worked perfectly and by mapping the buttons in the order they showed up, it made it alot simpler to understand if it was controller 1 or 2.

The reason I was so curious before about multiple players working or not was because if I couldn't play with another person was it took out a ton of the fun of old school games. I thought maybe 2 bluetooth controllers sending up to 4 or 5 messages at once each would be too much for the phone and emulator to handle. So far gensoid has worked perfectly without lag in the emulator or controllers. I'll be trying out snesoid tomorrow and i'm hoping it works just like gensoid.

Hope this is helpful for some people because im sure a lot of people are curious and I haven't seen anything online about this before!


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