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Help Vodafone gingerbread update...when??

When are they doing it for the galaxy ace???
I hate missing out on new stuff :(


Hi, I believe it has been out a while, but it is very buggy. You should see it on other posts here & on XDA Developers forum. Several problems that need addressing, so you should look at other peoples feedback to see whether to upgrade or wait a bit for some fixes. I'm waiting!! GrahamF. London, on 02-UK. :)
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Just at last and took like forever now have Gingerbread.

Its ok.:)

so far..

Hi, so you went for it! you are very brave, I hope it works out for you. Please keep us updated about pro's & con's & just make sure you can send SMS texts when your 3G/wifi/packet data is either on or off because most forums say you can't!! Thanx. GrahamF. London, staying on Froyo on 02-UK. ;)
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