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Voice typing


May 6, 2010
I recently upgraded to Android 12 on my Pixel 3A XL and all is working good except now when I try to use voice to enter text messages, I tap the microphone icon and it very briefly enters into the mode where you can speak to create message but then right away stops and displays "Tap to speak". I can repeat that ad infinitum but it never stays in speak mode.

Any ideas on how to fix this as I do often use voice mode to create messages?
Even after the December update, when I try to activate voice mode for entering text messages it quickly turns off and continues to do so after after tapping to turn it back on.

I have to think Android 12 did this because this started right after I upgraded. That makes 2 unwanted things that have happened after upgrading to the latest version. This is the first time it's happened with a version upgrade so makes me think 12 wasn't completely ready for distribution.
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