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webserver/php/mysql on android


May 22, 2010
This was asked recently by someone however I have a different need...

android is starting to appear in devices that aren't phones. for example HDX makes a media player called The Bone which is a decent 1.2ghz arm.. As with other lower powered devices available out there, getting other things running on them is just a bonus... Also the recent news about google tv and samsung, sharp and sony coming out with android powered tv's this year it just makes sence that its time to get droid more server like..

So the obvious start to me is generally the 3 packages that make up these items... Some sort of webserver, some form of php and some form of database above sqlite.. this opens up application porting for things like twonky media or other media servers which the bone has enough power to run and if your using it as your media storage also it just makes sence..

For the moment, from my light research it appears that many do something similar to this by using a debian installer which appears to boot up debian without interfering with the rest of the os.. maybe that is the best way to go and maybe the powers that are behind the major tools start to see the non-mobile android world whirl up they will start to support the os more natively for these situations..

So my question is, does anyone know of any projects to get tools like apache, lighttpd, mysql, etc running natively on android??
It'd be great to have AAMP added to the family of XAMPP, LAMP, WAMP and MAMP!

Supposedly Android is fully Linux based at its core so it is not inconceivable that existing Linux sources could be properly re-compiled to run under Android OS. I am so looking forward to it since it can open a world of possibilities to web developers!
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i-jetty - Project Hosting on Google Code sorry guys, only java/JSP/Servlets.

I have doubts PHP interpretor will be ported to anroid in near future.

HybridJava version 1.04 will provide script for porting applications developed using HybridJava technology to Android under i-Jetty. Actually they have already ported their sample application - may be downloaded to Android using "Download" button of i-Jetty.

HybridJava gives code compact and fast enough for Android devices with only about 20k of own run-time library (open source). The HybridJava language pretty much reminds PHP.
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Guys, sorry for the bump, and I know this may seem like somewhat a stretch, but I'm actually looking forward to a complete LAMP-isch sort of thing for Android. I mean, I would need at least [some sort of lightweight] a httpd, PHP support, and an SQL solution running, to host an actual Wordpress installation on my Android device. Again, I know this may seem like a stretch, but it would be so awesome to put out this dummy WP blog where I proudly state "The blog you're just surfing on is hosted here", and an picture of eg. a Samsung Galaxy Mini or Wildfire S lying in a corner of a student four-waller. This would be thrilling and existing, just for the kicks of it. Anyone feel me? What's the closest I can possible reach to a working solution at the time being? Do any of you know?

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I too am looking for this.. I currently have been running Ubuntu on my Asus Transformer to get this capability - but there are some things that don't work quite right. It would be so much better if I could design and test PHP based webpages natively on Android.

If Android is to be a serious choice for OS, it needs this.
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I see in the user reviews of Ksweb that a user who tried to install Drupal 7 on it had problems. This is what I'd like to do, someday.

The KSWEB website has information on installing Drupal. I need info on setting up ssl (OpenSSL). Not being a developer, I really don't want to have to compile this, it should be part of the package. I would buy it except for that and the sparse documentation.
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The KSWEB website has information on installing Drupal. I need info on setting up ssl (OpenSSL). Not being a developer, I really don't want to have to compile this, it should be part of the package. I would buy it except for that and the sparse documentation.

Have my Drupal 7 website up and running on my Nexus 7! Pretty slick, using the KSWEB with phpMyAdmin and mySQL database. Now just need someone to put together an "AAMP" package so we have android, apache, mysql and (PHP, PERL, PYTHON) as seperate independant pieces. Never been a fan of the one click install AMP packages. Would rather it was a documented process to install and configure so I know what's going on each step.

Still working the OpenSSL issue so I can go with HTTPS.
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