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What to do next!?


Sep 8, 2011
HELLO ALL! First time poster, long time reader. Long as in since last tuesday as that is when I picked up my new HTC Incred 2, White, I may add. But so far this forums has been the place ive turned to for all android questions. Now ive become more than accustomed to the phone, I think its time I give a little back by joining the forums to help others.
But first the big question, WHAT DO I DO NEXT!? With my phone that is lol.
First I went customize crazy and customized everything possible without rooting the phone. I even found a way to run my favorite dreamscenes, from windows 7, on my phone as a live wallpaper through the live wall paper app. Simply amazing.
Then I went app crazy. Downloading everything from Evernote, to metal detector, to weedmaps (Cali FTW!.) Then I went game crazy. Got an emulator, missed out on nesoid :(, found myself glued to earthbound lol, and lost countless hours in air control and speed x.

So, what do I do next? Rooting isn't out of the question, but I think the bigger question is why root in the first place? I havent found a solid reason to as of yet. But what else could I possibly do to my phone to make it more awesome? Skiftas got me streaming through the ps3, and vlc direct has my mac covered. I dont want a gimick, im looking for something to add onto my phone to either make my life easier, more connected, or simply more (awesome), I know thats incredibly vague. Any suggestions and or information on what YOU'VE done to to YOUR phone to make it more (awesome, connected, central, w/e) would be appreciated.

The best way to find awesome ideas to share those awesome ideas with others, and vice versa. So show off and tell me what makes you proud to say your an android user!
Dcastnick, see if rooting is for you? There's more then customization that root allows, you have full Apps2SD (not ASOP's partial Apps2SD), you can overclock or underclock the kernel to save battery or faster processor speed and undervolt and overvolt it as well (though I don't know what this actually does, I'm assuming batterylife/performance). You have full access to every single files on your phone and delete all unwanted apps. You can fully back up your apps and all of the app data.

If you REALLY want to have some fun with your phone without rooting. Try out Tasker if you haven't already. Tasker puts the smart in smartphone. It helps you make your life much easier with your phone.

This is the most popular tasker thread: http://androidforums.com/android-applications/158265-what-tasker-profiles-everyone-using.html
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^ Those two threads have proven to me that I know absolutely nothing about the customising capabilities that are available with android phones. I have a lot to learn...

I turned green with a little envy as well lol. Thanks for posting that thread link!

Also thanks mod for introducing me to tasker. Ill definitely be picking that one up and playing around with it.
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