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Help Where can I get the "official" or "original" replacement battery?


Sep 8, 2012
My battery needs to be replaced, and the cell phone repair place I'm going to use doesn't have it in stock, and isn't sure his supplier will have it, but he says if I can get it he'll put it in, but it has to be the original or "official" battery. Where can I get it?

Thanks guys
Open your browser, and enter the model number, and only the model number of the battery.

Look at Amazon results.

Skip e-bay, and any used battery offers.

Ignore any info about what devices the battery fits.
If you verify the exact model number, then the battery is the same.

Have the battery sent to your house, not the repair shop.

Do not tell the repair shop where you got it, only that it IS the battery for that device.

This is how I have replaced the batteries in four different phones, except that I did not use a repair shop.

The reason I told you to withold information from the shop is because of how things from there were worded.
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I just ordered 2 of them. Make sure the battery is made in 2020. You don't want a 4 year old Lithium Ion Battery going back in. Don't bother with the sticky 3M stuff if its for yourself. You will be getting a new one in a little over a year and some change anyways.

I think I Did order from Ebay. ANd I got 2 of them that say made in 2020. Thats still almost 2 years old at this point. But at elast its not from 2016. That's almost 6 years in a few months.

I think I got 2 of them for 10 bucks!

They are back up to 12 bucks again, each, but look at the date code:

I scored!

Runtime is still not as good as when new back in 2016 when I got the phone, but its not bad. At least it will drain to 3% without dying early. But I doubt any of these are going to be FULL capacity as they are still pushing 2 years at this point.

Batteries arrived with about 32% charge.

So far, seems to be doing pretty good. I have 23 hours of Standby on Battery saver mode selected at 73%. So not all bad. Wifi is on. For $5 bucks and free shipping, I could not complain about it really.

Seems they are holding up just fine. But they have only had a 3 charge cycles so far. And out f those, none of them at more then 50% Depth of discharge so far on mine.

My sons new ZTE, did at least one charge cycle so far, and its been rebooting for over 2 hours at one point, and seems to have lasted a while with the scree being on Full brightness most of the time. And I think it still had 20% in the tank when I put it on the charger. So they do seem to be good Batteries.

OEM is going to be a Bad idea at this point as ZTE no longer really supports the phone outside of the Big carriers.

I will have to test uder hard load, but I think they have at least 3000 to use. So I scored.

Look for the newest ones you can get. That's my advice.
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