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Where is Google News?

Ronald J

Jan 13, 2022
There should be an Android app named Google News, according to a Google support page.
"On your mobile device, open the Google News app"

I have a Motorola Moto g60s with Android 11. Nothing with the name Google News or News appears on the list of applications. In Play Store -> Manage apps & device -> Manage, Google News is not listed. If I enter "Google News" (without quotes) in the Search for apps & games search box, I get a list of apps named Flipboard, Feedly, AP News, CNN Breaking US & World News, Microsoft Start: News & more, etc. etc. However, Google News is not there. Where exactly is the Google News app?
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Try following the instructions in that link you posted but use the 'Google' app since you're not seeing a separate 'Google News' app.
Personally I like the News stuff that gets posted but find that indicated Notifications menu to be a messy, bizarre mix of options that favor Google's data mining practices in an intentionally confusing way. Be prepared to be giving Google yet more info on your personal interests.
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There is no Notifications & shared in the Google app. I cannot follow the instructions.
Start up the Google app, tap on your account pic in the upper right menubar, tap on Settings to access options for things like 'Notifications', 'Personal results', 'Channels & Interests', and plenty more. We have the ability to control a lot of whet Google's vacuuming up about ourselves, it's just something of a hassle to do it.
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