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Why is there no option to remove icon frame borders on the new android pie update?

wow. really updated to get features most important removed. Now I have these ugly white frames around my icons and it's killing me to see, thanks samsung. I don't even want a theme either, I loved the default look, the pie update has ugly phone, gallery and so on icons too but I'm not here to complain about those. SIGH!
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I found an icon pack called "Walk on Mars." It looks like your standard Android icons, but Without Borders. Although folders to still have borders. And it's free!


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Thanks Darthur35. You saved my sanity. After days of searching & useless emails with Samsung support I stumbled on your post and 'Walk on Mars' fixed the icon frames issue on my S20 +5G SM-G986B. Brilliant!
I signed up to androidforums just so I could post this & thank you for solving a problem that Samsung was unwilling to solve.
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