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Will new Google Glass headphones work on old Google Glass v1? YES!


Galaxy S20 Ultra
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  • Mar 26, 2008
    For those wondering, version of Google Glass will work with the new Google Glass headphones. Even though they are based on a 3.5mm headset jack, you can get them to work.

    You'll need the following:

    - microUSB headset adapter with 5 pins (here is one from Amazon)
    - 500k ohm resistor (some on eBay)
    - Knowledge (read this)

    Then you've got to do some dirty work:

    (1) Adapter above has pins 4 and 5 connected by a solder bridge. Desolder pin 4 if you need to.

    (2) Solder the 500k ohm resistor between pins 5 (GND) and 4 (ID).

    If you get a different adaptor or resistor you might need to follow a different process.

    Boom. Let us know how it works! People on Stack Overflow and G+ have reported it does.

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