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xfer contact info from basic phone to android phone

Does the phone software have any way of exporting the contacts? Does it come with any utility to back them up (ideally to a computer, but even to Verizon servers would do if there was a way of you exporting them from there)?

Or does the phone software allow you to share contacts via Bluetooth?

I can only ask questions because I know nothing about this particular phone, and dumbphones' capabilities vary between models.
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This might work out but I'm only tentatively suggesting this will work for you. Check out 'BitPim'
Way back I had a LG flip phone that wasn't in the list of supported devices but it still worked out:
And don't be surprised if the contents your are able to pull off that flip phone will be in file formats that you might have to convert into usable file formats that can be imported into a smartphone.
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