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  • I have A TM105A tablet which I think is from ECS,
    The device can not be switch on. The Power cable is plugged and a blue light is on.How can I access this device?
    Please advice me on this matters
    Hi amarie82. I have a question along these lines:

    (((Hi I own a Acer Liquid E3 Android Version 4.2.2 and have been using it for 3 or so months. A few weeks ago I started getting pop-ups every time that I log into my email app. I am using the gmail app, but have the same thing happening with any other email app that I have tried. The pop up asks to to either manually or automatically choose the cellular network. I have chosen both options but the pop-up still comes up. Even if I select back or a option the pop-up comes back immediately making it almost impossible to read a email. If you scroll down fast enough it does go away..

    Any help would be greatly appreciated, thanks!))))

    Where should I post it to get a answer?

    Happy Birthday!!!!


    I thought I would not forget. :)

    have a good 1 and get very wasted!


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