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  • Can u help me out? I want to delete the only gmail available in my samsung android phone. Alternatively is there any process to replace the old one with a new one
    I'm from Venezuela too friend:) and I am very interested in the Nexus One HCT but not if I lift my 3G operator, which as we know it works at 1900 MHz I amazon buy, but there are 2 terminals and not which of the 2 is at 1900 Mhz, which Google says something sells support 1700/1900 MHz, and this one that sells HTC but this makes no mention of 1900 MHz, tell you who know more about it and help me to tell me what the two terminals referred to in amazon is that 3G will lift me here in Venezuela with 1900 MHz .. I'm crazy about this phone but unfortunately do not know which versions work nexu One to 1900 MHz, eh read that if I buy the T-Mobile would be alone with me because this works 2g to 2100/900, but if I buy the aT & T version will serve me because if this version works on 1900 MHz working my company here in Venezuela, will be one of those two terminals on amazon would serve me? I would greatly appreciate your help. Greetings from Carora, VE

    Were you able to make this work? I have been trying to use Black Berry Sim on my Vibrant and its not working.

    It would be really nice if it does. Its kind of really deal breaker for me.
    it won't let me download flash on my cliq. Anyway u can help or kno someome who can help me download it
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