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  • I am new to the flashing rom arena and am curious about the kernel you have. I am running Calkulins 1.8 also but can you tell me the benefits of the netarchy or flashing kernels in general? Thanks!

    Rom: Calkulin's EViO 2 v1.8 here

    Kernel: Netarchy 4.3.2 havs here

    Another thing the Netarchy says toast method in the file name and I rooted with unrevoked...will this make a difference if I flash the kernel?
    Hi, i just read a post you made last year about the htc hero stuck on the white screen. you said to put the nightly on the sd card. i have no clue about phones and what that means. i'm having that issue right now. could you please help? thank you
    Hi, i saw you posted on the aosp update thread how to update from 0.9.7 to .8. i was wondering if there was a way to flash 0.9.8 without having to reinstall all my apps and contacts.

    Sorry for posting this on your profile. meant for pm
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