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  • Hey Brian, Revenant Ghost here. Long time, no see. It seems like a lifetime ago since the EVO3D days. Those were good times. Hope you're doing alright.
    I have the Pixel XL currently, yes. And I actually just pre-ordered a 2 XL. I'm a little worried after hearing of some of the display issues. I'll have to see it in person to find out if it bugs me or not.
    Revenant Ghost
    Maybe the display issues on the Pixel 2 XL aren't as they say they are. Otherwise, there's always alternatives to the Pixel XL 2.
    Milo Williamson
    Ahh some of the display problems hmmm... Thanks.
    Hi, don't really know anything about that ROM and the thread is a couple years old so it might not be maintained anymore. I do know the thread starter and IM with them occasionally though. I will get a hold of them and see if they can get you the ROM.
    hey brian trying to figure out what i gotta do to remove stock apps and virgin mobile startup animations. i found the files but when i delete it says successful but when i reboot they are right back. i have insecure boot and bootloader is unlocked rooted with superuser. thanks
    hey Brian its Robert just letting ya kno im gonna finish dnloading all i need to to my evo 3d and im gonna be hanging around crutches and all so if you have time hopefully e can touch bases later or sooner thanks Rob
    Brian, I see you are a guitarist and love to share music with friends. Happy to hear this! Just for fun, in a spare moment - if you have any - you might like seeing our guitar site at I've been playing guitar since I was 17 (and play some piano too) and am a songwriter. What fun and beauty to have music alive and well in one's life. Happy playing!

    Oh - and I see you're a Sagittarius too! :)
    Tomorrow is your birthday and I have 1 HELL of a surprise for you on that oh so special day!


    Click it man!

    Proof I am not alone!

    Random ek se!

    Don't be a CHICKEN...

    Just click it!!!!

    None of them viruses I promise! :D
    Hello Brian! I was wondering if you could assist me. Counting late last night and this morning, I have spent over 10 hours trying to root My Sprint EVO 3D. I am on HBOOT 1.58, and after reading the guide, I am stuck at number 7. I saved the rom 3d-ICS-Deodex to the sd card under the rom folder, and when I use the fastboot boot recovery.img command in cmd prompt the phone goes to 4ext where I choose the 3d ics rom. when it tells me I am done, I click reboot now in 4ext, and the phone reboots to the white htc screen and will not progress beyond that point...I am about to microwave this phone!!! Help!!!!
    Hey sorry, but need a little help. I have an HTC Evo 3d from vm and it is rooted, hboot 1.58, and has 4ext on it. Trying to run juopunutbear for s-off on it but always-Secondary backup failed at the beginning comes up. I don't have htc sync or anything.
    Hey Brian. I can't find anything fishy about the post. I think what you are reading was translated into English.. roughly lol. I think the new member is making an observation that there is an internet site in place for just about everything imaginable.
    Thanks for the reply. I did what you said and it worked but I think my problem was something else. Actually, I know what it is and I'd like you help to fix it.
    When I unlocked the phone I used the wrong unlock token and my computer won't read the phone. I am s-off and unlocked so how do I go back and install the correct unlock token and rom?
    Hi Brian, you helped me out in the past now I need your help again:] I bought a 3D dirt cheap and was going to give it to a friend but its a little different than mine. It has hboot 1.58 already on it and when I tried to Root it it did ok until I ran juopunuts bears radio s-off. I got the s-off but it locked my phone back. I checked the forums for a fix but couldn't find one or didn't understand what I was reading. I need to be unlocked, can you tell me how to get there?
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