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  • Hi...I have a samsung S2 Tmobile T989 phone.
    I am trying to go back from ICS to Ginger bread version. I came across your post to downgrade but the link to the GB version is not available anymore.
    Can you please provide me the link to download Ginger bread version for Tobile T989 please?

    Thanks for the reply,

    I tried upgrading with Goo manager, but it said that it couldn't find the package for my phone (T989D). Can I just flash the new version of CWM or TWRP with Odin the same way I flashed CWM in this guide? Is it safe to flash a newer version of TWRP or CWM while there is an older version of CWM on my phone? Will there be an overwrite problems?

    Also, is there any really good reason to upgrade? What are the benefits of upgrading CWM?

    Sorry last thing. IF I flash TWRP with Odin, will I have BOTH CWM and TWRP on my phone. (right now I have CWM)

    Thank you so much
    Hi Atmazzz,

    relly quick question.
    I am on a Koodo T989D ICS 4.04, rooted and running ClockWorkMod What is the latest version of CWM? How do I upgrade to the latest version without using Rom Manager?

    Probably really stupid question.

    This message is to your GUIDE: about the restoring ginger bread on to a ics glaaxy s2 t989.. please help me..I have this exact model a T-Mobile Galaxy S2 T989, i did the whole process but when i start the wizard configuration on the phone, all the processes start failing and then i cant start the wizard setup of the phone, i used only the files provided by you and it said PASS on the Odin when it was done, what did i do wrong and how can i fix it? i want to continue to try to run on ginger bread.. im coming from 4.0.4 ics by the way. Please help me, by pass the start up wizard screen or do i reinstall the whole thing again? please help me.
    Hi Kristoco. Whatever thread you are in, look below the last reply. On the left is the reply button. Use that to reply to that thread.

    Could you please enlighten me as to how one stays on the same thread while responding to someone that has answered your questions. I am not a forum kind of person and find this just as confusing as the rooting.

    Thank you,

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