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  • Hi nice to meet you. Im writting to you because you seem to know a lot about phones, you answer almost every question. I have an Optimus M MS690 2.2.1 and I root it then I started deleting stuff to see how much I could delete. I even deleted the diling pad because I was going to down load the "aContact" dialing pad.
    Then I formated my memory card and restarted the phone by turning it off and holding the off button,home and volume key (thinking it was going to bring me my dialing pad and everything else back to stock) I thought this was going to bring the phone back to stock so I could root it again.

    HOW CAN I MAKE MY PHONE GO BACK TO STOCK?? because I dont even have signal. dialing pad, etc

    Help please thank you!!
    hey sorry to bug you but I need help!! lol my lg p509 is bricked i followed tons of different steps but Im stuck on the KDZ updater, it wont see my phone and everything is greyed out. im pretty sure I have all the right drivers because the lg updater tool does see my phone. thanks in advance. i live in the US and have a number you can call if you would like.
    You know, I feel dumb doing this cause I think you're tired of other people asking you this, but I also set my phone on "Fastboot mode started" screen and no software can recognize it. So I was wondering if you know how to get it back and running? Willing to donate for your help.
    Hi I'm new to this whole android thing. I just got my phone about a month ago which is a LG Optimus M and it came with 2.2.1. I was just able to root it a couple of days ago, but I'm still on 2.2.1. I was just wondering if you might be able to point me in the right direction of a custom overclockable rom, and if its not too much trouble maybe some pointers on how to install the rom. Ive already got getitnowmarketings rom manager but I am hesistant to use it without knowing a little more about what I'm doing exactly. I would appreciate any help you are willing to provide. Thank you in advance.
    read the reviews of cyanogen and wanted to look into installing. It "required" rom manager to instal in the instructions. I have the optimus M 2.2; When the power is hit, the LG screen shows and then the following shows on the screen:

    Fastboot mode started
    gpio_i2c: invalid khz: 0
    bl: i2c write error
    udc_start ()

    Non of the LG software recognizes the phone. I have a copy of the factory image file but I don't know how to use it.

    After spending hours researching, I figured I would get your input on weather or not to throw the phone away.
    hey i'm having the same issues on my optimus with not being able to boot to the os instead i get some random msg saying fastboot mode started udc_start ect.. i was gonna try your method of fixing it but your files are gone. can you re up the optimus t files again to try your method? thanku
    hey i have optimus m also an i want to downgrade it and root it could u email me all the files i need at (came with 2.2 upgraded to 2.2.1)
    I need the "" file. I rooted my LG Optimus V and long story short it was semi brick and wud not boot up so I decided to factory restore everythng ,, by using the KDZ updater and i restored my phone to Sprints Optimus S. I need the cab file for the LGVM670 but you were te only one who posted it. Nearly flipped when I saw that you had it but when I click on the "LG Optimus V Downgrader" the file is no longer available for download. if you can please reup that file with the cab file... I'd really appreciate it.
    Thanks man!
    I was hoping you could help me... I saw another user reply to the comment and totally hosed my phone.. any ideas to get it back to normal so I can restart?

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    Originally Posted by Aplus
    Is there a way to access this recovery through the phone itself, or can you only get to it via adb?

    download terminal from the market and do the following commands:
    # Su
    # reboot recovery
    Hey man my phone is just booting to the LG screen and wont get passed that. I think i ****ed up my recovery. Is there something i can do to restore my phone or fix it?
    Wow, thank you. I am thinking i better pick up this phone quick before they change this then yes? So at this point i just need to spend the $200 to conduct this experiment. ($150 for phone + $25 for service + tax). How is the voice quality over wifi? And where could i find step by step directions on how to do this?
    Hey Andy, I have a question. I just use the Downgrade Better than my fix, but after the process is done my phone screen just stays black. PLease could tell whats wrong with it???
    Thanks in advance
    Could you please confirm that Google voice plus Sipdroid? equals free unlimited calling on wifi with the LG Optimus V? If this is the case then it would be really worth it for my wife and I to switch. Would I need to root the phone in order to install Sipdroid? I have no issues with it if I do. I rooted my Moment 3 days after getting it and returned it to stock android a day before I returned it. Any help with this would be greatly appreciated. Thank you.
    Ok...I hate that they take the time to remove root capability! Spend the time making the product better...thanks for your reply!
    Hey, any luck with update to 2.2.1 with a success root? Also, do you know what specific benefits/bug fixes etc. 2.2.1 brings to the table? Thanks!
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