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  • AndyOpie150 Do you know ANYTHING about partitioning with Aparted I have a 32GB SD Card (Sandisk 32GB- 10) ZTE Imperial N9101 JellyBean 4.1.2 OR Is app2sdIII with Linkto SD better & how many MB do I use for each partition? I want A LOT of memory as I study MANY things I learned how to root (with some help) sucessfully now I REALLY want o learn this! Everything I read says I need 2 primary partitions Fat 32
    Hey man, Have you tinkered around with the Performance Control governors and IO schedulers? I cant seem to find a good combo to keep my phone snappy and not drain the battery so dang fast. Have you found a good combo? If so, what other adjustments to the phone should I make to run smoother with good battery life? Thank you for the help on this ... if you dont mind helping.
    Not sure who to ask or where? Since beginningof the year, if i try to leave comments in the news posts through the phandroid mobile app my posts no longer appear. My user name is modman.

    Not sure why or who to contact?
    Remember at all times to be nice, even when your telling someone their in the wrong place. Most people just want to help. If possible try to direct or link them to the right place so they can help.
    Sorry to bother. Im trying to get my phone to work today, if you could help me out really quick by replying to the thread, Id appreciate it. I have the SDK set up, the environment variables set up.
    The ZV9 security update is fine as long as you use the Xionia or VM670NH recovery's. If any other recovery is used you will brick it.

    If you want to keep it bone stock, it would be better to use the ZV4 firmware with the KP500 utility if it's a ZV4 phone. A little more complex but doable.
    If you want to use the KP500 then try this: VM670ZV4_KP500
    It will probably error out a couple of times before it actually starts to do it's thing. Totally restart the process on every error.
    It has to reach Wparam7 Iparam 100 then jump to Wparam8 Iparam 01 at least. If it stops at 100 first then it didn't load the entire OS and recovery.img
    I've followed your advice in Androidforums for a couple of years and now have run into something I can't find an answer to.

    My phone is currently at 2.2.1, ZV4, stock ROM, except that it is rooted and is running COT recovery. I need it to be 100% stock or as close to as possible, and unrooted, before handing off to my wife. Can you point me to how to achieve this? I could take the easy way and go with the ZV9 update, but I have read that is sketchy. But I'd just as soon stick with stock ZV4 or ZV5, stock recovery and make it unrooted.

    Any pointers appreciated. If ZV9 is really "safe" I'm fine with that. Also if sammyZ's ZV5 method is safe I can do that too. I guess I mainly need to get back to bobzhome's recovery before I do anything.
    Read This:
    How I port
    Keep in mind that the screen density (size) of the ROM you want to port has to be the same size as the screen on your phone. Example: My phone has an MDPI screen so I can only port ROMs from phones with an MDPI screen.

    Make sure before setting up APK MultiTool (needed to edit the framework.jar and framework.apk) that you put the class path to the newest java jdk6's java.exe (not the jdk7) in the environmental variables.
    I was just wondering if you knew of any "easy" ways to test out a ROM. My phone(lg l75c) doesn't have any developers that I know of, so I figured I'd try my hand at making something myself.
    hey i have talked to you in the past when i first rooted my lg optimus v vm670 now here it is a little later and once again i need your help ok here is my problem i had my phone rooted and running a gingerbread rom on it it was fine now virgin mobile did another sec. update and my phone stopped working so i flashed a new rom and it didnt work either so i tryed a so called stock rom and i hate it do you know how to set it back to the out of the box ver.(like i just bought it)or of any roms that will work after they do the sec. update on the virginmobile system thanks for all your help in the past as well also i have been checking into this problem please pm me with any ideas
    Hey Andy, i don't know if you are aware that your screenshots are missing in both of your threads, post your home screen capture's and thank you Mr. G and Andy Opie 150?
    Hi, Thanks for what you do here.
    I recently learned here to use Gingerbreak to Root my phone, but when I download the program to my PC for transfer, my Windows 8 told me there was a virus contained in it. Any thoughts? I'd like to Root if possible. Is there a better way, or, is downloading straight to the phone better?
    Please give me as much detailed info as you can. Can you get the phone in emergency mode? Do you have the drivers for the phone installed? Do you have the Android SDK installed onto C; drive with the path to the adb.exe set properly?
    hey way back in may you helped a guy who had an issue where he couldnt root his phone because of a "failed to chmod: Rootutility" error is there any chance you could help me, because i am having the same issue, i unrooted my phone before i factory reset my phone but now it wont reroot
    Hi A.O.150;
    Please see my new post on board titled "multiple recovery choices". The way that I worded my questions to you (as per El Presidente's post) are too large for the PM window.
    I was trying to install HenseMod7 for my optimus v(before i realized it was for the htc wildfire s) and it told me to install the mtd boot and recovery so after that was done I rebooted back into recovery and it kept saying:
    E:Can't find MISC:
    E:Can't find PERSIST:
    E: Can't mount CACHE:recovery/command
    It wont let me restore either... please help
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