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  • I welcome you to my page. How/why you ended up here is beyond me, but welcome nonetheless.

    You can see about me in the tab above, where you can find contact information. It is usually all the same. I wish they had Skype on here tho. I use the same nick on Skype as everything else.

    I am a moderate programmer, specializing in C++. I love working on new apps and features for the phones I own. I currently have (time of writing this) 12 or so projects in the works. (including a rom for the SGH-R720, and a Kernel for the LG-MS770).

    I only buy phones and devices for my carrier. (Metro) So far they are quite good with keeping me happy.

    Anyways, if you read all of this then you are in need of something, or just bored. If either are the case, hit me up on Skype. I am usually quite talkative and friendly. It can/might end up with me helping you with something, you testing something out for me, and/or just shooting the shit.

    And yeah.. that's it. I am out!
    ~Angablade (Kyle)
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