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  • I followed your guide to rooting the HTC evo design and it worked fine, but I just wanted to know do you know any good jelly bean ROMs for the design
    Hey, you seem very knowledgable and think you can help. A guy that I found on Ebay flashed my Evo Design 4G remotly over to Straight Talk from Boost using a donor phone. Everything is great except I get the error 1012 when I try to update the profile. I have tried on both Stock-Unrooted roms and my preferred Rooted rom and I get the same thing every time; it takes forever but it eventually just gives me theerror and says to try again later. I've even tried ##786# and reset.

    The goal is to get 3G; right now I'm at that EvDo thing and I hate it. Please, can you help me?
    hey apache..i cant flash CWM recovery after updating my sprint evo design 4g to ics...it says main version is older,update failed...please help me get through this problem..thank you..
    Hey man, sorry to bug. I had rooted my last two samsung boost phones from all this info on this forum before. Now I just got the HTC evo design 4g cuz I need faster tether speeds. I run my internet from my phone a lot. The transform ultra and 3g was so slow it was killin me. So here I am trying to basically unlock this sucker so I can tether with 4g. Although I did figure out how to get those samsung phones unlocked/rooted, I am having trouble understanding how to root and accomplish my goal from where I"m at with this new phone and no previous knowledge of htc phones. I would really appreciate it if you could sort of give me a start to finish on how to get there from a brand new phone. I don't know what hboot means or cwm. Thanks so much in advance.
    Hey Apache I had my EVO Design 4G rooted and unlocked working fine. I installed the HTC OTA update after I was told it shouldn't effect the root and it blocked the superuser access I am attempting to get my superuser access back can you tell me how to go about doing this. I think I have the files but when I attempt to boot in hboot with the PH44IMG I get the error Main Version is older! Update Fail! I am a noobie at this and would appreciate any guidance. Thanks Jeremy
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