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  • Nuthin' new here. Not much at least. Got a OnePlus One in my pocket. Staying busy with school (too old for this shit) and being a stay at home dad all week. Working 2 12's over the weekends, and scrambling to get stuff done around the house before it gets too cold out.
    This is the time of year I start to wonder why I live here. Fall is beautiful, but winter can suck pretty bad.
    What 'sup with you?
    S'up Boss?!
    I'm rockin a One X+ on AT&T right now, but I'm on the hunt for a used S4 on Verizon to join back up with the fam-plan.
    Still got the N4?
    Got a good tan, I bet.
    Color me jealous! I'm holding out for the HTC One or the S4. My wife just got the DNA, and I'm feeling like a relic with my DInc2. Tried a Rezound for a month, but that thing blew chunks. Did you buy off the play store?
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