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    I have the SGH-T989D (Telus variant of the Samsung Galaxy S2) Running 4.0.3, Rooted.

    I am basically wondering if this ROM will work with my device and will everything in the ROM be compatible and work properly in my phone. I am very new to rooting and installing custom roms, so if you have any tips or cautions please let me know. Thanks

    *Also is this the best, most stable Cyanogenmod for my device currently, Do you have any reccomendations for ROMS on my device and what would be the best choice for battery life, speed, etc?

    If any further information about my device, carrier, what I used to root my device, etc., is needed please let me know and I would be happy to elaborate on what you need.

    Also since this mod says it it made for the T-Mobile T989, will everything such as the Radio signals ETC. work?

    I can't thank you enough for your time and help.

    --Austin. :)

    Thanks for the great guide. I followed it and everything is great. However, I have some questions...probably very nood questions...hoping you can help:

    - What is kernel and how do I know which one to use?
    - If I select a new ROM, do I need to select a new kernel?
    - Now that the phone is rooted (using your steps), how do I upgrade to ICS?
    - To upgrade to ICS, do I need to pick a new kernel?
    - What ROM do you recommend for ICS?

    Thanks for your help in advance
    hey saw one of your threads where you listed the stock rom/kernel/modem for bell ugkg2. i tried to download it but it stoped inbetween, im in desperate need of this pkg is there anyway you can fix or reup the link? thank you so much
    It is at the very top right of the page. under welcome. Or in a thread you can press the poster's name on the left and message them :)
    hey,dude,i found it and wanted to install google voice search on my hero,please send me the link as soon as possible,i really appreciate that .
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