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  • I prefer a simple, soft fabric sleeve to store the phone in when I am not using it, and protect it in my pocket. (Don't care for attached cases -- hard, gel or otherwise.)

    My G1 had such a case, and it happened to fit my Vibrant. But it will be too snug for the Epic.

    Right now I am looking for a microfiber pouch of some kind. I've seen them for iPhones, but they would probably not fit.

    i was wondering if you have ever found a case/pouch/sleeve like the one you described kind of like the iphone ones or more of the kind im looking one for the palm devices..

    Amazon.com: Palm Pre / Palm Pre Plus / Palm Pre GSM OEM Sprint Microfiber Cleaning Pouch Carrying Case Skin: Electronics

    thats the sort of thing im looking for except for the epic
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