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  • lol maybe not but you know what as much that you have done for the dx community, what could it hurt? everyone knows your work is legit, it would be amazing, i have contemplated on getting 2 laptop harddrives 1tb, and the other be 500gb <--for ubuntu, and just boot to whichever i want, or use my desktop for windows 7 and my alienware for ubuntu, but i would have to look into it more. but i think you should be making roms! your skill is undenyable my man!
    dude for real develop your own rom!!!! your mods are amazing and work perfectly, if you become a rom dev you will be the most liked rom dev in the DX root forum, and i would follow you to your next phone.... maybe :p
    you know bouchigo, im going to remove Majin Vegeta and start using SSJ4 Goku :p just because he is a badass in that form. and Vegeta, well you know, i dont want to be weak anymore haha
    Hey.. Wow. Your battery widget that estimates time left is sweet and the launcher icons would be great. Could you give me a link or something to those? and is there an app that you got your battery icon from and it came with that widget? I love it.
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