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  • You laying back today and letting the rest of the crew field all the fun questions? If so, good, you need a day off sometimes. Congrats on the promo, if anyone deserves it, you do.
    I see your a yoda fan check out my app I would like to have post on a yoda lock screen someone needs to make this I know people that don't even like starwars that would love to have this
    Hi, you seem like the right kind of guy to ask...

    I have been thinking of rooting my HTC Wildfire for some time now. The whole rooting process looks easy, I just want to know if I can revert to my Original ROM if I don't want to be rooted anymore. I have looked on shipped-roms but I can't find the one that matches my phone. It is a Locked Tesco HTC Wildfire.

    Perhaps you could help me as I would breathe easier if I knew I could revert to stock if I wanted to for "warranty reasons." Also, perhaps you could give me some heads up on any problems I may run into during the whole rooting, custom ROM, overclocking process...

    Android version: 2.2.1

    Kernel version: (and some other stuff)

    Build number: 2.25.1107.1. CL300877 release-keys

    Software version: 2.25.1107.1

    Thank you.
    Will appreciate your response.
    major problem with my HTC Desire syncing with pc office based Outlook 2003. Syncing for calendar and contacts worked fine at first, until I also synced the Desire with my laptop, which also worked fine, and still does, after I selected to sync only calendar and people, on the laptop sync. When I returned to my office pc, calendar and people are greyed out, not a sync option. I re-installed HTC Sync, no change. Both pc and laptop are xp. Laptop Outlook is more recent version (2007). Looks like double syncing has caused this. Syncing with laptop in all categories continues to work fine. I only need it the other way round, that my office pc syncs properly. If cannot, the Desire cannot serve as work tool. I've been from pillar to post on forums looking for a way out. Help!!
    with thanks
    Hello! I've had my (refurbished) Droid X for about a month, and the screen isn't responding to touch. I've wiped fingerprints off, touched with alternate fingers, etc...Any suggestions? I don't have a ton of extra app's on my phone, but it still seems to lag frequently. Is there a way to remove unwanted app's like Madden for example, and free some space up?

    I'm not sure if you have seen this, but I would really appreciate the input of someone as experienced as you, or if you could refer me to a specific member who could give me a definitive answer to my question.

    I am returning my Droid X under warranty because the headphone jack isn't working. I rooted with Z4Root and I don't want Verizon to charge me. I would rather keep my faulty headphone jack than buy a new phone.

    What I have done:
    DL Z4
    DL Titanium backup (basic)
    Backup my aps
    DL adfree
    DL wireless tether
    Uninstall Tether
    Uninstall Adfree
    Uninstall Titanium
    unroot w/ Z4 (SU icon disappeared)
    Uninstall Z4

    No Mods, No Roms, No Bootstrapper, Nothing that I think was too out there. I am wondering if you think all traces of root would be gone or not.
    I have used the search function but can't find someone in exactly my position.

    Steven, I have a problem and it looks like you might be the person to ask.
    My friend had a rooted Droid X and he needed to return it to stock so that we could send it in for a replacement from Verizon. I have had experience with RSD Lite on my Droid 2 and never had a problem flashing an SBF until I'm working with someone else's phone (of course).
    I first tried flashing a SBF that he found named VRZ_MB810_1.13.6.2_1FF_01. It ended up Failing at the Download RAM step. I tried it 3-4 more times with no luck, but once it did say PASS but still would not reboot, only takes me to the Bootloader.
    After trying that SBF, I read that maybe another SBF file would work. I downloaded VRZ_MB810_2.3.15_1FF_01 and tried flashing that this morning and still no luck.

    I have RSD Lite 4.9, ran as administrator.
    Bootloader says:

    MEM_MAP Blank
    Service Req'd
    Battery OK
    OK to Program
    Transfer Mode: USB

    Thanks in advance for the help!
    Hey Steven.. just a heads up. Three times tonight I got the thunderbolt popup and each time it locked up my browser. I had to force close my session and launch ie again. Don't know if it's only effecting me.. but I thougt it was worth mentioning.
    Hello Steven58:

    I am new to this an appreciate your responding to this questions.
    I am trying to have a wireless teather for the Droid X.
    I have done the following so far. I work on a mac computer so most of the things I have done through the phone.

    I have downloaded astro files
    I have installed an run z4root
    I have installed bootstrap
    I have installed rom manager
    I exported my contacts to the sd card
    And I ran a applications backup.
    I have the file but have not opened it or run it, do i need to?
    I also have the that a guy i met put on my card.
    I have not run it, not sure if it requires a cable.

    I find this all a little confusing.
    The questions is:

    What do I have to do now, and can you recommend a teather program with a link to the download.

    Also, I don't totally understand roms, think they basically customize the phone, do you have a particular rom that rocks. If so could you share it.

    Thanks for your help.

    Ah-ha, you sound like a helpful type, the thing that is giving me concern is firstly how to transfer music from WMP to my wildfire, and secondly, Napster app on phone, (coming out in Spring). Where's the best site to download all types of apps>
    Your help will no doubt save the alliance.
    Can u please help me root my droid x fast yes im a newby and feel stupid cause I hear about all these awwesome way and bad a programs can you give me some must have programs
    Steven58, I'm on the ota 2.3.340 and i want to get a clean fresh slate to start over. Is the system only 2.3.340 sbf all that i need. I've only made minimal graphical changes like the droid in the drop down bar and a few build prop edits. All i want is a clean slate and to be able to get an ota in the future. Thanks for the help.
    Steven58, I am a new dx owner and am going to root my phone. I saw your banner if you will that says you want to teach people like me to backup before rooting. Can you teach me how? Also I was planning on doing the rooting from my phone, not by computer. Do you recommend that? Can you PM me and give me some advice? I greatly appreciate it.
    Hey Steven,
    I was wondering if you can help me with SBF. I rooted before I made a back up, then have put two different rubix roms. But, now that the .340 ota is out I would like to get it.. so any help you can give me I would appreciate.. Thanks
    You seem to be knowledgeable and have a desire to help so I'll ask you in hopes for an answer. I did not make a backup first, I rooted, I removed bloatware, lost my ability to save pic/vid and when I try to play ANY video in any format thru any mediaplayer( all say problem while playing please retry. I had to change the stagefright values just to get my music to play. I tried to sbf , went thru 100% and failed to finish. Please help me sir, I'm in too deep I need help.
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