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  • why do I get a md5 hash error when I try to download the update for the boost mobile tu mega tron ROM with OTA?? Also I can't find the update to download from the website here. shows that it's available but no download link. Is this update being worked on?
    I rx'd an OTA message this morning to update to 6.1.1. Followed the instructions. Selected reboot after install and...nothing. Pulled the battery, waited awhile, reinstalled the battery, held the power button...nothing.
    hey i lost my tfu and have pasensky anti theft but this com wount let see the page due to administration code its a stupid dell home puter due you know of any non downloaded phone trackers?
    I have your rom and i love it the only problem that I have with it is that I can't change the time zone to eastern so that my time is correct . Is there anyway to fix this ....I really want to keep this rom but I use my phone as a watch too so I really have to have the correct time on it . Thank you for all the hard work that you put in on this ....I love the look and the quickness that it gives my warp. Thanks Cyn :O)
    I just wanted to apologize to you and Mr. Bobo for posting a question in your thread that was not on topic. And also the screen shots that I posted. Was just so excited to find a Rom that I think is the best I've seen yet. I had to PM you because I can't login to your thread. My Apologies. Keep up the good work.
    have another q i keep downloading roms and trying new ones and stuff but i hate that everytime u restore one you have to put all your apps back go though tb and restore each one takes me like a hour to get everthing back is there a way to back up the rom i have now with all my apps on the screens that i have them on and try another rom then restore the rom back and everthing is still there please help
    Hey chev I was wondering if their is a way to reset the flash counter I have to send my phone in for repairs,& I don't want them to be like sorry this phones been tampered with.I have searched and haven't found out how to do this so if u could point me in the right direction that would be awesome.TY in advance.
    Having trouble downloaded ur rom and when I try to restore it I'm getting an md5 mismatch I have stock rooted rom with cwn the newest version if possible help me out I wanna use ur rom! :) Thanks
    hello I'm new to this forum. I am wondering how you began helping with CM7. I really enjoy those ROMS and I want to help. I dont have a lot of time but want to help in anyway. Especially on the samsung TU ( SPH-M930BST ) since thats the phone I currently have.

    Please help me join the community!!
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