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  • hi there cubz, just a quick question mate, i followed your advice on the x10 rom subject with x recovery, all went ok but i have a slight problem :(

    i seem to have lost all my photos and videos that are very important? i did back up everything up before i did the changes :( but still no luck iv restored everything and still no luck, im confused as i thought they would be ok?

    thanks in advance for ur time

    How to activate the 'Bloo' app!

    1. In your browser, enter in (this will bring up the mobile site)log-in to your facebook account.
    2. In the “Search” box at the BOTTOM of the page type in “Bloo for Android” and click on “Search”.
    3. Click on the application “Bloo for Android” (NOT the group).
    4. Then click on the button that says “Allow”. This will link your Facebook account with Bloo.
    5. Now, from your phone go to your Bloo application and click on “Get Code” and it should take you to the code page!
    6. Enjoy!
    *Note* I used the site directly from my PC, I didn’t try it on my phone… so if it doesn’t work on your phone, try it on your home computer.
    I hope this helps out a lot of people!
    Need help with or have a question about your HTC DHD? Just add me on Google Talk -
    I will be more than happy to help you!
    You can use Google Talk on your DHD as it is pre-installed.
    You can also download Google Talk Here for times you cannot get on from your DHD
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