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  • Hey there droider. Sorry to bug you but m about to do the froyo update now. I read somewhere that i should delete hijack as well before starting but your post didn't have that there so i didn't do it. I have moved logwrapper and renamed logwrapper.bin to" logwrapper".

    I have koush bootstrap but how do i know if i have the updated version?? I downloaded it from the pc and moved it to my sd. Is that why the update is not showing??
    I should bootstrap recovery and then should i back up my rom too??

    Finally. Do i boot recover manually (holding home and power) or from running it on bootstrap??

    Thanks droider. I didn't know where to fit this so i just thougt i would message you
    Hey Droider13. Could you send me that rsd 4.7 file. I'm trying to flash the sbf file and I keep getting a flasing failed because of (0x7029). I'm hoping a new rsd would help
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