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  • Hello, regarding your message about calling virgin, I guess you could go either way, I just prefer to do any account administration from my virgin phone. You could probably call from your house phone. The meid transfer is all automated now. After 30 minutes, when you turn on the evo it will go through hands free activation. Just make sure that you delete any voicemails from your old phone and turn the phone off when the virgin mobile support tells you to.
    Now, regarding your message about when to switch to the $35 plan, do it today if possible. Go ahead and switch to the $35 plan on the 5th and then top up with $35 right after you switch. When you're switching, the computer asks if you want to switch now, or at your next month. Select your next month. You will automatically be switched on the 7th. Do the phone swap on the 8th.
    "3. Switch to the $35 plan on the website
    BEFORE your current month goes out
    4. Top up with $35 (You might have some
    error come up on the website, don't worry
    about this. Continue to the next step)" okay since my payment month is the 7. do i switch to the 35 plan like on the 5?
    when i top up the 35 do i just leave it on the balance or do i wait until the 7 th to use it for the monthly payment?
    i think you gave me wrong steps, when i had the rumor touch and i was switching to the optimus v, i called with my house phone, they made me turn off my rumor touch, they told me to turn on the optimus so i can put the meid and all that stuff. or are the steps different now
    im going to buy the HTC Evo V in a couple of days i already switched to the $35 plan and right now im currently using the optimus v. What is going to be the activation process? please help
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