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  • You seem to be the resident Gameloft guru here, so I figured I'd ask you.

    I was interested in buying N.O.V.A. 2 for my Droid x2 and ran into some issues. When I access the android store from my phone, it doesn't even show up in the search results. When I access the android store on the PC, it shows up, but says that its not compatible with my phone. However, when I go onto the gameloft site on my phone, it shows up at compatible. What's the deal there?

    Also, on that note, are the games that show up as not-compatible able to be run on my phone if I select a different phone model when I download them?

    I figure since the Droid X2 has 1gig dual-core, it should be able to handle almost all games out there.

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