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  • I know your busy so I'll make it quick. I'm a member on the Spec forums and I can't figure out how to register on the LG forums. I see you posting over there and I'm hoping you can tell me how to get on board. THANK YOU VERY MUCH FOR YOUR TIME!
    Hey, I was wondering if maybe you could help me out with my Axis. I know you're probably a pretty busy man, but I've been looking since last March for a root and haven't been able to find anything. I found your post on a thread here about it, but can't locate rageagainstthecage and I really would rather not go through a less than reputable means...
    Hi- I have an lg ally that got bricked(stuck on the verizon screen) I tried your method and nothing worked so now im stuck at the downloading dont unplug screen. Can you please help me!
    hey- I seen your the dude that can root lg axis's? Wonderin if you could give me some help, i can do some stuff on computers but i have no idea what i'm doing with phones, really trying to get it because ntelos now tryin to charge 15 for portable hot spot its crazy! Any help would be great!! Thanks.
    hey-i tried to flash frunisher and now i am stuck at verizon logo--i wiped --then recovered--then booted--i didn't partition sdcard--when i hold down the combo keys i get android system recovery and like everybody else can't do anything from there---i've ttried all the simple fixes that i have looked at but nothing-please email me you
    Hey man this moose. I had written u b4 about some issues I was having with my ally. I know I said Verizon was sending me a new phone n that it wasn't urgent but now I got my new phone n tried restoring my old stuff n it completely busted it. Now im stuck with 2 broken Allys. I only have 5 days to send one back. I am in major need of assistance. Possibly even having someone call another phone n walk me through it. Please if u can let me know if u can help, or send me the SN of someone that might b able to. Thanks so much.
    Hi death i was following your guide on how to unbrick the lg ally and everthing went well the lg mobile update screen came up with the log below it but when it gets to 30% it say phone and usb not connected. any help would be great
    Hey, I am looking to unroot my phone (LG Ally). I saw your post about the V9 and I saw that I needed to PM you about the file to download. If you could e-mail it to me, that would be great.
    I began the step by step which is extremely useful, thank you very much. However, LGNPST will not recognize that my ally is plugged in. This may be due to USB debugging not being turned on, but Im not sure. In the past whenever I plugged my phone the computer would recognize it and then think it was unplugged repeatedly. I cannot access usb debugging because my phone is in a continuous bootloop and the only way I can get around this is by accessing ClockworkMod Recovery v2.5.0.7, otherwise my phone is useless. Any suggestions?

    EDIT: I correctly downloaded drivers and all is well, thanks again. Sorry you have to deal with an idiot like me! haha

    EDIT2: Thanks very much, my phone seems to be working again. I can't thank you enough!
    just saw your step by step guide to restore my ally to stock. ive wiped it multiple times and tried installing the v8 rom a million times. now my ally's in a boot loop and ive cleared all caches and everything but it still loops. the link in your guide would be much appreciated!
    Whats up man hey I tried flashing a new Rom and now phone does not work with regard to making/receiving calls looks like my info got erased. I exhausted my recovery flashing etc. I get a blue screen when i try to recover stuck at udc-start (). I still can get past it if I take of the battery but my phone cannot make calls. I can access the terminal emulator and have my old rom velocity and new one Frunisher on my SD card can I clear dalvik throough terminal emulator and reflash I backed up my phone. So don't care about erasing everything. Thank you in advance
    I was able to get the good morning alarm sound from your post and I appreciate it. I don`t know how to get that info from my old lg envy. I was wondering if you could get the doorbell sound for me? I would appreciate it.
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