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  • Hey I am not trying to sound rude but have you abandoned the CM 12.1 for the Samsung Galaxy Avant you were working on?
    Need help with building from source. I am having trouble in the final step building CM from source. The f6mt dose not show up when initializing the build command. Building from source sucks.
    hey dm im just saying that you seem to be the way better dev and saying that i might stop trying at it myself and just fork yours and build off that but i can still help with some errors because they shoulden't be too diffrent
    sorry Bro. Just in a bad mood tonight. Shit not going good. You don't owe me nothing. Bad message , I apologize
    C'mon Brother, throw a dog a bone! I'm about ready to throw this warp in the river next to me. I know it's not nice to ask a dev, but you kinda owe me.
    U mentioned having stock pcd chaser images. I desperately need to revert mine back to stock. And well didn't make a backup.I borked the install on cyanoid. I can't get access to the su binaries so I can't update them so I can't get su access. Tried to reroot an it fails.can't write to directory. Please help!
    WTH, WTF<.... Is everybody leaving Warp? Was this it? I'm reading and all kinds of cats are jumpin to another
    Do You guys ever sleep???? I see all of you up posting at 1, 2, 3, in the morning.......Hell, I'm just getting up!lol. Today (well this week has sucked ass), drove 45 miles to get to work, tire blows out. No spare, no jack, no wrench. Had to wake the wife up, Luckily I had a spare on the rim and she brought everything. Today is shot. Haven't worked all week. Funds are dried up! I hope next week will be better.
    Tapatalk not working. It comes up, but I cant PM....It force closes.
    Have Fun Brother! Just please don't forget me if I have a "stupid question". And I hope there's something spectacular about to happen (Among you guys). I think the natives are getting restless. We want, (WE NEED) something special! lolololl
    And what the f_ck is so special about the Sequent? Other than Shin's Rom,........?
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