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  • Hi Eris Ed,

    I just got a HTC Desire with the Orange SW.

    Currently am having an annoying issue, my internal memory is running out (17 mb) basicly because of all the pre installed SW....

    I tryed rooting it but with HBOOT drivers and UnrEVOked3, but UnrEVOked3 does not identify that the cell is plugged on the computer.

    HTC Sync is not installed on my computer and the cell has been set on developer mode
    am using win 7.

    Any idea what may be causing this?

    Thanks in advance
    BTW, if you have any post detailing how to root the cell I'll be glad
    Hi there, I saw your thread about needing a scrollable bookmarks widget and I'm currently in the exact same situation as you were; Using Dolphin Browser HD and in need of a scrollable bookmark widget. I have Launcher Pro Plus and I love the Bookmarks widget but it doesn't seem to sync up with my Dolphin HD bookmarks, just the bookmarks from the stock browser. Have you figured out a way to fix this?
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