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  • yeah i got your gtalk message and did this already, anyhow for anyone that swings by it

    dmesg | grep -i novatec


    dmesg | grep -i epson

    One will return a string that if found and thats it
    hey, could you tell me the commands to type in the terminal emulator that determines which screen you have again? I remember the process, just not the command lines. Sorry to bug ya man :(
    I am having some more trouble with darktremor. I know you helped me last week get it installed and working, but I flashed cm7 and now its not working.
    I am getting 2 errors:
    1) "problem detected: darktremor apps2d may not have ran during boot. cannot read a2sd.mountpoint."
    2) sd card not mounted

    ...also when I type "grant permission a2sd check"...an error, "grant not found", appears.

    I have reinstalled the dark tremor zip. rebooted. and I still can get it to work.
    any ideas?? :)
    yes hardware 0004, on a sense rom its in settings/about phone/hardware i believe. Not sure where it is on an aosp rom. You can sort of tell in hboot by what screen you have...i have 16ac, clearly hdw 0004...im sure if you ask akaza he'll give you some terminal command you can punch in to find it :)
    yo dude got a ?....... I am going to root a friends evo this weeked and I remember you saying you had done a couple your self.. So I was rereading up on the rooting for dummies ( so I dont look like I dont know what I am doing) and at the part of installing the drivers from the wep page: public:windows_hboot_driver_install .......well seeing that I have already done all that, I am not sure if I need to go through this process with his phone plugged in... ( I understand it is to get your computer to see your phone in the bootloader mode but is it also to get the phone to be able to access the bootloader mode?) or can I just skip it and go to the next step..I cant remember if you can get to fastboot with out doing this.... any any other tips you have would be awesome
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