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  • I really miss getting an answer or at least a response like we did on the other forum. But this is making me want to be even more active on this forum to help some of the newer people that'll come through especially considering that the SG3 is turning into flagships for all carriers and reeling in some die-hard iOS fans.
    I was curious about why you weren't a Guide anymore. Well, you seem to be pretty active now, hopefully you can get your status reinstated. All you guys really helped me out a lot back in the day.
    Haha you'll add some "sense" XD corny ass attempt at a joke. :)
    But nah, I'm really looking for some kernels and ROMs.
    I know what you mean! Looking and dealing with this current forum was making me think about trading in my SG3 for an LTEvo just because the forums are so bare and so confusing! I was reading through some and saw that some ROMs won't work on other carrier SG3s like one ROM will work on Sprint but not Verizon. And then some of the support forum threads are from so many different users like one was using an International version and had a fm radio which completely through me off.
    Ey dude, have you found a Wiki page like this one for the Supersonic for the S3? I'm trying to find a page complete with our ROMs and kernels and other useful root information but I've only found this one included in my signature.
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