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  • Hey funky, you're from Paisley so is Mhairi Black your MP? She's great! I'm really glad the SNP have loads of seats in parliament as they're bringing some much-needed humanity into the process. If you think it's inappropriate to say that here I'll delete it. :)
    wats going on,long time no hear ,ive not been on for awhile,my phone the lg esteem was having problems plus their going to stop using cdma anymore,but they sent me the lg f6 and it sucks,so ive been looking for a new phone,any suggestions,plus i just wiped my nexus 7 and wanting a good rom,in had multirom installed but i think im done with it,but if yo have any suggestions plx feel free to share plus im willing to try anything ,thanks hope all is weel!!!!
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    Get the s4 its easy to root and upgrade and very fast
    Hi Funky,
    Started looking at root process- then after 2 minutes I gave up. Too much for me to lash up, lol. Would de-branding do any good for the S3- would it get rid of o2 and sammy junk--probably wouldn't dislodge touchwiz.
    Would it be better to have s3 rooted??. What would be the final advantage to me.?
    I see you have same birthdate as me- only mine was nearly 30 years earlier, lol.
    Probably the reason for huge doubt on rooting capability.
    Thanks for your help in the forums.
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