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  • Well I can vouch for them being fast. But then again, they all are pretty damn fast. But yeah the 2011 ZX-10R really has me drooling. I could see myself buying that bad boy. But first I have to work up the courage to sell my baby. I paid $9000 grand for her as a left over in 2005. Since then I've dumped another $9000 grand ino her, there isn't much about her that's been left untouched.

    Hey I know, since you're wanting to upgrade, I'll sell it to you and I'll get the 2011 model!

    Well then, I guess it's settled.

    If you like Suzuki and wanna stay with them, maybe it's time for the 750? I've owned two 750's. VERY fun machines. But they were no where near as powerful as todays gixxer 750's, that thing is a beast!

    Are you interested in them at all?
    Garaged? What on earth for? That's just wrong bro, WRONG I SAY!

    Lol, hell I'm riding my bike right now, even though its only 52 degrees out. :D
    Well my man, I slowly graduated to a 1000, and being used to the power (especially the torque) it's hard to ride on a 600 anymore. But that isn't to say it's an advantage having a bigger bike.

    First of all how old are you, and how long have you been riding? I ask because if you're young, they REALLY rape you on insurance for a 1000cc bike. If you haven't been riding longer than 5 years then I'd say you're better off sticking with a 600.

    And my take on caf
    Hi gallandof,

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    dude nails on level 30 didnt work for me from your drawing, is there something else i need to do? i tried hammering them in halfway and all the way and still nothing. please help
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