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  • Hey, Outlaw. In looking for a wallpaper for my Droid X, I noticed your post on that wallpaper thread and also your phone interface. Mind if I ask where you got that from?
    i was originally gonna sell it back in 09 but never followed through with it, and just got lazy with work and everything that I never renewed registration or insurance with it. but now that im moving down to florida I figure its perfect time to buy a new bike.

    I liked the gixxer, but got kinda bored of it, everyone has them and it feels like too much of a middle grounds bike, not being the most powerful, or most comfortable. Yamahas are IMO the best looking but they also seem to be the most "intense". kawasakis have recently been catching my eye a lot more the newer zx-6's and up are gorgeous and from what ive heard damn fast.
    this would be my third bike. I originally got a small ninja 500 (dont remember the year but it was mid nintys I believe) then i got the gsxr.
    hey there you seem to be pretty versed in motorcycles, im looking to upgrade from my current 05 GSXR 600, and was looking at the newer kawasakis,yamahas, and buells, any advice? i was looking into sticking with 600cc unless it may be more beneficial to bump up. ( mainly street riding occasional track days maybe once a month suring the summer.)
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