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  • Do you still have a copy of the .pit file? Shabby removed all his links, and I am going to try to work on a fix for people who bricked their phones, I actually have some time off this weekend! :)
    Congradulations by the way, and good luck with the job search!
    hey i used adb and pushed your attain1 files onto my phone but i really want that background that you had on the pictures on the thread. how do u get it?
    im having problems with the oxygen rom... keeps getting stuck on the welcome screen for the intitial phone set up. i touch the android and it does nothing, just lights up the little android guy lol. reflashed a dozen times and same problem. never had this problem b4 lol just wondering if i did everything right...
    wiped davlik, cache partition, and wiped data
    formatted system, data
    flashed req's kernel (800 mhz)
    rebooted into req's recovery
    flashed ROM
    flashed gapps
    then stuck on said start up screen...
    lol i wanna rock this rom so f-ing bad
    Hey man. Wanted 2 say that I appreciate the work your putting I to the roms. I'm an old time g1 user so I miss all the developement and its now possible because of you. Thanks also I was wonderong if you could post a mirror link for monster 4.
    Thanks alot.. I asked requisite0 several hours ago and he never replied.. I know he's a busy guy though... Again, I appreciate your help... now I'm trying Monster 3.0 and lovin' the boot animation... :) Thanks again!
    Hey geno,

    I was wandering if you know how to make a flashable zip for CWM? I have this possible fix for people using nTelos device with Metropcs ROMs and I am trying to get this working so we can add it to your thread incase someone wants to use their nTelos device on Monster, Beast, CM7, etc. because other than that your stuff and everyone elses seem to be working fine. I wasn't sure if you had to time, etc. to do this for me.. I don't really no lick about scripting in the META-INF, etc. thought you may be able to whip something up for us alot faster than me..or know someone else? I have tried to take a look at some expamples... but seems like someone would have made a simple app for Windows to whip up one of these bastards! :p

    Again thanks

    Scott - - online file sharing and storage - download
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