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  • Don't worry about the shipping, the POP case I sent out today was less than $2. Toss a donation to a dev if you really feel the need.

    Where do you want it shipped?

    I'll get it out tomorrow or Monday for you.
    Hi brick, does your offer still stand? I'd would like to try the Active case you have and happy to pay for shipping.

    Hey man. Usually at xda but since I'm a nnew member i ccan't actually msg or post. Here is easier and saw your post about control freak kernel 2. I'm running bamf 1.7 remix. Trying to get better battery llife. I've used green power but occasionally doesn't work. I now use automateIt and set all data to shut off when my screen goes off. Anyways, how do you like cf kernel 2.0? I'm on imyosen kernels and its worse than the stock bamf which was adynalynes 4.4.7. How do you manually undervolt and over/underclock on cf2? On imyosen kernel, you have to use terminal emulator, push SU, then speedtweak.sh and its self.explanatory from there.
    Can u please respond to Amwenguer@Gmail.com. I don't know if I get replies emailed to me. THANK U
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