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  • I was trying to install a custom recovery on my LG g2 d802.
    I tryed so many times to install it and I don't know how i got to fastboot but there i flashed the recovery by this command: fastboot flash recovery .....
    And OKAY OKAY everything well but the phone doesn't turn off, its always on fastboot. I have installes aboot.img but nothing also laf.img but nothing happens.
    I don't know how to shut down the mobile.
    Please respond, I am desperate ! I flashed a JB bootloader on a KK stock fw (rooted, TWRPed). I was curious and now I regret it. No recovery, LG logo frozen, no led blink, neither the download mode. Just showing those bubbles, and PC doesn't recognize it. I beg you, what to do ?!
    i mentioned before i left that i had to go into work early. ;)

    i'm back on irc now but i assume it may be late for you now. please try flashing the d802 tot i linked for you so we can see what errors you receive. see you in IRC when you can make it.
    Thank you :) im fixed with you
    Please Help me :( My lg g2 device bricked. im flashed Cloudy g2 3.0 (F320K-S-L) but my device is D802 and now only opened Fastboot screen :(
    For all G2 issues, please contact me at Freenode IRC, channel #lg-g2. My nick there is Ncrypt3d.
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    hi,thanks for your one seems to reply on the site,thanks again
    I'm not always there. Just keep dropping by and you'll catch me eventually. Or send me a pm here at AF and arrange a time that works for both of us.
    thanks,i appreciate youe response greatly
    Hi, So I have an lg d802t g2 32gb software version says D802T10a-505-03.I triedt to update to kitkat. lg update tool via pc the phone goes into download mode but stops at 49percent .now ive managed to root it with twrp and now the phone wont boot,stuck at lg logo...i can access the twrp and download mode........plz help me.....and if so where can i get the stock jellybean rom for my lg g2 d802t?
    hi, got lg g2 d800 32gb. it says so d800 on its board. it got stuck in fastboot. rescued it using one of ur forum. it helped a lot.after that flashed it using lg flash tool. after flashing, still stuck at bootloop and also not accessing the download mode. gets stuck on the screen where it says download mode. also pc doesn't detect the phone. help will be appreciated. Thank You
    iowabowtech im braziliam an i have a lg l fino bricked the screen are black no download mode no recovery no hard reset you helpme? do you send me a tuto? please...
    freenode irc, channel #lg-g2 for support on that or post your question in the lg international all things root forum here. you're going to need at least qhsusb_bulk mode to proceed from your situation.
    I would love to help but I'm so far removed from that device now that I don't know any of the latest info on it. I barely even remember making that post I'm afraid.
    hay bro.. I need help. In my lg g2 ls980 sim is not supported. I'm from Bangladesh. Is there any solution to using any sim in my country? When I inserted any sim card the it shows no sim card. In google I found some solution but didn't work. Would You please help me about this?
    bro i need help . fastboot problem. my phone model no is lg g2 ls980 sprint. actually I couldn't find any download mood. When i press vol up + PWR den it shows like this
    [1040] Fastboot mode started
    [1250] -reset-
    [1260] -portchange-
    [1590] fastboot: processing comands

    could you please help me?
    While trying to flash my phone to stock I think that I flashed the wrong image. Now all I have access to is download mode. How can I find out which D802 32 gb version I have?
    Things I tried:
    Hard reset
    Booting to download mode
    Booting to recovery mode.
    Nothing had worked. D:

    i found out that it used D802_AutoRec.apk instead of D800_AutoRec.apk plz help me i saw that you helped the guy in this video and was wondering if you cold help me my phone has been stuck like this for a week now plz help
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