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  • http://androidforums.com/android-applications/322798-need-tasker-help-will-pay.html -- check last two posts by me.

    Instructions on how to get the Bouncer app for free:
    1. Email me at bouncerapp@gmail.com from your Android-linked email address
    2. In the email stat your AndroidForums username and write "free Bouncer app"
    3. I'll reply with the APK for you to install
    4. It will only work for you if I link it to your Android-linked email address (i.e. the APK can't be distributed -- the app won't work like that)

    Please use the app, spread the word, give me feedback, and leave positive reviews on the Android market. Thanks!
    Hello, love your pin-up/fifties advert theme. Nice job! I was wondering if you are sharing your icons at all. I realize the hard work you put into them & understand if your not.
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