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  • Hi, I know you stopped development on the Sprintorious ROM but I love what you did with the storage, I popped my 32GB micro SD in and i have tons more space! But I would like to know how would I change the boot animation? I just want the stock Jellybean Sprint Galaxy Victory one back I see the files are there but I get no where when doing it, Just hear the Self destruct sound and a black screen till it boots to the lock screen. Any help would be awesome!
    Hi Jerry, I am curretly running your victorious 0.3.1 for samsung galaxy victory(vmobi). My camera is not working even after restoring twrp backup. My gallery works fine, just the camera. It gives me camera failed error. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks!
    Hi Jerry, first of all thank u for making sprintoriuos, however upon installing it internal sdcard becomes read-only, can you please help me fix it or give us all another release? Thanks
    hey Jerry , I really need you help. I messed up my Samsung Galaxy victory, and I am trying to fix it. Now I have read your post on how to fix it, but it does not work for me, once I get into TWRP and try to back up it says, it has failed and Updating Partition Details. Please help me out. thanks
    hello i have been using iho backside for 4months was wondering if there is anyway possible to incorporate adobe flash player lastest version into the rom
    Hey. I have an android LG Optimus V. I think you made the most updated version Of the CyanogenMod. I just wanted to thank you for your hard work. It ROCKS! and the green machine is tight. THanks for all of your hard work.
    Hello Jerry. I was reading this forum, and this user had the same exact problem I am having with my LG Optimus V.
    Yes, that thread is very confusing and I'm not even going to try and make sense of it because I'm afraid I'll hurt myself. Right now my Optimus serves as a decent paperweight and that's about it. I was on the phone with Virgin Mobile today and nobody could offer me any help at all.
    I was hoping you could walk me through this fix.
    I'd be eternally greatful.

    I'm going to add our conversation page to my favorites and check back in.

    Thanks so much, Brandi
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