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  • Joe, can you help install the radio things? Im bearly knowing about it and i heard it helps with the signal and battery thing.
    May i ask for your help?
    Hey, joe.. one question.. Do i have to do a full wipe and clear everything to update this rom? cause this is the rom a currently have and i dont know if i have to clear everything.
    Thanks you!

    Other things.. can you tell me what the other links do here? cause they look interesting but i dont know what they do.

    meXdroidMod meXperia G2/DZ (V4.1.1) - xda-developers
    Thanks for the info! I guess I will wait a little longer and see if I get the OTA. I would like to ROOT my G2 eventually but I have no idea how to do it... more less I'm not comfortable doing it on my own. I don't wanna brick my $400+ phone. I would like to flash CM7.
    Hey Joe, can you help me out with installing CyanogenMod 7 ROM??
    CyanogenMod 7 for vendor Vision (HTC Vision) - xda-developers

    I flashed it and everything and it works well.. But it just doesnt have the Market app. Did i do something wrong?
    Hey Joe, is that new leak for the G2 safe to install? I've been an android user from day one but never really done much with flashing roms or anything of that nature. I'm excited to get Gingerbread running on my G2 but am pretty cautious about this type of stuff. I see a few other people have had success with updating there G2 using this update. Will I be able to get the OTA update from TMO once its been released if I install this update? I am downloading the update now. Any advice would be appreciated.

    Josh Kirkland
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