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  • Greetings, my name is Brandon,
    I've been into this for a good three years now, give or take and this has to be like only the 8th or so question i've had to ask. I'm very good about figuring stuff out, however i made a mistake and flashed a wrong kernel for my Galaxy sgh i777 onto the Transform sph-m930, believe it was siyah 3.5 no micswap.

    Now when i go to boot no matt what button combo i use i get nothing but the purple and blue leds both glowing at the same time.
    However the computer does install the gadget serial driver and also the other, and Odin seems to acknowledge it but when i try to flash it does not work , it gets stuck initialising connection. ANY HELP YOU MAY PROVIDE ME WITH WOULD BE GREATLY APPRECIATED,
    please via this email address,

    good day sir
    he could go to Android Developers page and get all the SDK's and just read through the lessons
    that should get his foot in the door.
    mostly all apps are written in java. system in linix/unix C+ and scripts are python and of course internet based stuff is HTML. I'm sure you would have no prob learning the ropes man. keep trying and put all that windows crap out of you head lol... jk we need some people like you around here!!
    You are my hero! I write in C#, VB, and HTML. I want to learn the languages for Android etc, but can't find the time. I'm so happy that there are people like you who devote so much time and energy into making the awesome even more amazing!

    *Bows before thy greatness
    No problem. Just put better instructions in the top of where I had already laid it out. I'll drop Blue a message about it. Should work as is with his odin instructions.
    Dude thanks a lot, it's me about the bricked transformed ultra, I didn't do the the cwm. So what do I have to do it get my phone unbricked? I'd be happy to donate no doubt right after
    hey bro i am trying to make some boot animations for my transform ultra imade tons for the intercept at sdx but cwm said i need edify script or soemthing can you change these commands so the new cwm will do the following the cleaner removes the old and then the updater installs the new and sets permissions i need commands to replace the ones below to do the same thing and are compatable with new cwm we have.
    Cleaner script .

    #remove previous boot animation files to prepare for this installation

    rm -rf /system/media/

    rm -rf /data/local/

    install new script

    show_progress 0.1 0
    copy_dir PACKAGE:system SYSTEM:
    set_perm 0 0 0644 SYSTEM:media/
    show_progress 0.2 10

    thanks for any help bro i love this phone.
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