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  • Metfanant

    Thanks for you DX boot animations.
    I tried to modify 19 of the pngs, but somewhere I screwed up. I cannot get it to install either manually or via clockwork.
    If you get a chance, would you mind taking a glance at it and see where I mucked up?
    Thanks so much.
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    Can I ask you a few quick questions? You've been so helpful, I was wondering if you could take the item to answer some quick things via visitor message. Thanks in advance.

    First, do you know of any app that does an automatic reboot of the phone, w/o requiring me to do a battery pull, instead?

    Second, every digital clock widget I use since the GB upgrade does not automatically update to the right time unless I have locked the screen and then unlock the screen. Is this a GB error, in your mind? Or just a bad app?

    Finally, having read about the tiered pricing plans, any idea how much I would have to use my phone to get over 2GB/mo? Things like Google Music really up the amount? Just curious.

    Thanks so much.
    I read your reply to Bowslayer on the "DX 2.3 update" thread & agree, pretty simple rooting my DX using Ro0oler's Guide. I also read many other posts on this board. I appreciate your tact, approach, & wit. Advance thanks for your insight to my questions.

    I'm a new SU, was mystified for months. I'm being patient & thorough so I learn well. I want to learn by doing, though not by making mistakes I can avoid by RTFM & focused questions.

    That said, I'm seeking answers for 2 issues, SD card use & recovery, as follows (multi-part):
    1) Do I need to partition the card & why?
    2) Which ROMs use partitions & why?
    3) What do you think is the most stable, usable ROM for a new SU?
    4) What do you think is better, Clockwork/Amon Ra?

    Thanks again for your time & effort @ my questions. Any reference, or direction is appreciated. I look forward to your response, & the chance to learn something I'll pay forward.

    I saw your post about upgrading to GB without root. That is something I would be very interested in doing and have no idea how. Also, I wouldn't mind rooting, but it seems just a little to difficult and I feel challenged by all the jargon when I read the how to.
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