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  • So in the case of the hummingbird most people think this cpu can actually top out around 1.6Ghz. We will likely need 1400-1450mV for that speed though. The danger of course of pushing the edge is if you push too far you fall off. So even if Samsung has a cpu capable of say 1.5Ghz on 1400mV thats too close to the edge. Too likely to burn out, fry, get unstable and have Force Closes for apps. So they back is down and off, way off. Its kinda like a car and the redline. Lets say my Honda Accord redlines at 6500rpm with a top speed of 135mph. If I always drove it at the redline rpm and at 135mph Im going to burn out the engine a lot faster than if I run it at 80mph and 4000rpm. So bottom line they will put out the cpu undervolted and underclocked mostly for longevity and reliability sake.
    Sorry for the length of this geez; I got on my soapbox there
    Yeah jump on a avatar
    Im not overly electrical but basically you need more huice/power/voltage to produce more power/higher cpu speeds. Every cpu vendor in the world throttles back from the threshold maxim for the sake of longevity and reliability. For example our SF hummingbird cpu by default can run up to 1Ghz on 1300mV. The Kernal we both have lets us run up to 1.2Ghz with 1325mV. However, the dev's for the Epic have a stable kernal for 1.2Ghz using just 1250mV. Numerous dev's have 1.4Ghz kernals in alpha testing. Its really just a matter of how much voltage to give the cpu at various levels. Give it too little and it wont run. Give it too much and you fry it.
    You having any issues with 1.2? Apparently, the first one out seems more stable than the second one out so Im not even trying anything else out for awhile. Although at this rate something else will probably be out tomorrow.
    Coolness with the solar panel charger
    Yeah everything gets better with this thing, expect for battery life of course; and battery life is not that much worse
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